That’s it! IPL final to be played between ‘these’ two teams, RCB scared by UV’s prediction | Globe News insider

Punjab is currently sixth in the table with 6 points. The team has been at the bottom since the beginning of the league.

Dubai, October 19: In the thirteenth season of IPL (IPL 2020), all the teams are currently trying to reach the IPL PlayOffs. Two super overs on Sunday led to a big change in the score. Kings XI Punjab has jumped from eighth to sixth after losing to Mumbai Indians in two super overs. Mumbai remain second. The Delhi Capitals team is at the top.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s super over saw a thrill. With the victory of Kings XI Punjab in this match, they have shown that they are permanent in the play-off race. After the match, former India cricketer Yuvraj Singh tweeted, “Nicholas can be a complete game changer in this match. He is in great form. My prediction is that he will face Delhi Capitals or Mumbai Indians in the final to get a place in the Kings XI Punjab playoffs”. However, after UV’s prediction, RCB’s team, which is at the third position with 12 points, is scared

After UV tweeted, RCB bowler Yuzvendra Chahal asked Chahal, “Then shall we come back to India?”

“Bring a few more sixes and wickets,” Yuvi replied to Chahar. After this, Chahal tweeted again, “Okay. He gets tickets for November 10 and eats six.”

Punjab is currently in the sixth position with 6 points. The team has been at the bottom since the beginning of the league. However, after losing to Bangalore and Mumbai, Punjab’s hopes of reaching the play-offs have been dashed. So, Mumbai is in second place with 12 points even after losing the match. So, the Delhi team is at number one. Royal Challengers Bangalore are also third with 12 points. So these three teams can reach the playoffs. But it will be important to see who the fourth team will be.

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