Mumbai: Concern over reinfection suspected in Mumbai rises in India 3 Cases of corona Reinfection Lancet Study Says Relapse | Globe News Insider

In India, there have been three cases of relapse of coronavirus reinfection.

Mumbai, October 14: Does coronavirus reinfection occur once coronavirus is infected? How long do antibodies produced in the body once infected? Many have questioned how long the natural immune system against corona lasts. Meanwhile, there are now three suspected cases of corona reversal in India. Even more shocking is the fact that recurrent corona infections are serious.

There have been three cases of corona re-infection in India. Two of them are in Mumbai and one in Ahmedabad. This information was provided by Indian Medical Council Research (ICMR). Meanwhile, a report on coronavirus re-infection has been published in the Lancet Journal. Corona can re-infect and its symptoms become more severe, the report said.

A 25-year-old man from Nevada, USA, had no illness. She contracted a corona infection in April 2020. The man was cured in quarantine. The person’s two RT-PCR tests came back negative. However, after 48 days, the person was found to be positive again. After the second corona, the patient has to be hospitalized and needs oxygen support, the report said.

Nor can it rely on the naturally acquired immunity against corona. So herd immunity is not effective in this way. Vaccines are essential for herd immunity, the report said.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) has not said how many days after the re-infection 90 or 100,” said Balram Bhargava of ICMR.

“If the infection reappears within a few weeks, the question arises as to how long the immunity lasts. Immunity after coronary infection does not last long. It should last a few weeks or less. Therefore, vaccines are safer for herd immunity than natural immunity,” said the researchers. Anant Bhan said.

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