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Narendra Modi is the second Prime Minister of India to win the Ig Nobel Prize. To whom and for what is this award given?

New Delhi: The Nobel Prize is awarded globally to those who have done outstanding work in various fields. While US President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also come up with an award. That award is the IG Nobel. (ig nobel) What is this award, to whom and for what is this award given? Let’s find out.

The IG Nobel is a parody award. It is given in the month of October every year. This award is given for less important scientific research. The award is announced on behalf of the humorous fortnightly Annals of Improbable Research. The award is given to someone who has done something different or to someone who has caused a tragic situation. But no one cares. More importantly, there is no such thing as a Nobel Prize. It is revealed only from a satirical point of view and is viewed with a light-hearted sense of humor or a sense of ridicule.

After Vajpayee, Modi got Ig Nobel

Earlier, the award was announced to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The award was announced after the 1998 nuclear test. On the one hand, he had said in his speech that India has become nuclear self-sufficient to bring peace to the world by conducting nuclear tests. Therefore, this award was announced for his ‘aggressive peace award’. Modi has since become the second Prime Minister to receive this ironic award.

Reason for awarding Modi

The award was presented to the Prime Minister, who said that despite the opposition and critics targeting the government on the issue of unemployment and migrant deaths, the Prime Minister had succeeded in raising awareness about measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in India. The fort has said that Modi was selected under the heading of Medical Awareness about Corona’s Mahasathi. “The award is being given to Modi for his better efforts in COVID-19 than for any scientist or doctor who has a direct impact on life and death,” the magazine said.

Modi is not the only one to receive this award for medical awareness. The nominees include Donald Trump.

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