Know these 10 things or signs that Hanumanji is pleased with you

Hanumanji is very much awakened and he is present in all ages. They are very happy gods. May His grace be with you. Let us know what things and signs will show that Ramdoot Hanumanji is pleased with us or he is happy with us.

1. If Mangal Rekha is clearly visible in your hands, then Hanumanji is definitely pleased with you. Now the condition is that if you stay away from evils, then only profit will benefit.

2. If Mangal is in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn in the horoscope or Sun-Mercury is sitting in the same place or Mangal is in the tenth house then it is believed that Mangal is noble. Mangal Neka means that Hanumanji is pleased with you.

3. If your liver is strong, upper lip is big and good, blood is pure and eyesight is right then Mangal is considered auspicious. Mangal being auspicious means that you are blessed by Hanumaji.

4. If you see Hanuman or Ramji in your dream in any way, then you feel good for him.

5. If you keep reciting Ramayan in your house or chanting Rama or you keep reciting Hanuman Chalisa regularly then you are definitely blessed by Hanumanji. The person who is happy on Hanumanji lives a fearless and fearless life. There is no crisis of any kind in the life of such a person.

6. Being fearless, courageous and powerful even though you are noble, just and humble, Hanuman is definitely pleased with you. Just like you are humble and truthful despite being a good leader, soldier, police or high-ranking officer, Hanumanji will be kind to you.

7. If Hanumanji is happy then such people progress in every field. There is no obstruction and suffering in his life. All his actions are done easily. He gets stability in his life.

8. If you are one and pure by mind, word and deed. That is, there is no difference between your words and your actions, then you should understand that Hanumanji has favor on you. You never lie, do not take any kind of intoxication, do not eat meat and maintain a loving relationship with your family members, then you are definitely pleased with Hanumanji only then you do not do it.

9. If you are not affected by Shani’s half-and-half, dhaiya or any other type of Shani suffering in any way, then you are definitely blessed by Hanumanji.

10. If your elder or younger brother and all friends are happy with you and help you by staying ahead, then definitely believe that Hanuman ji is happy on you.

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