Chant ascendant in Navratri 2020, just one mantra of Maa Durga, troubles will end

On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, Durga mantras are recited according to the addition of zodiac sign. Let’s know what is your auspicious mantra …

Aries Lagna- ॐ Vindhyavasini Namah.

Taurus lagna-्न Mahavidya Namah.

Gemini Ascendant- ॐ Tripura Nam:.

Cancer Lagna – Om Sugotra Nam:.

Leo Ascendant ॐ Mridani Nam:.

Virgo Ascendant ॐ Sukhdita Namah.

Libra lagna-ॐ kopna-kriti nam:.

Scorpio ascendant-ॐ heaven-speed salutations:.

Dhanu Lagna – Om Bhavaprita Namah.

Makara Lagna – Om Purvasini Nam:.

Kumbh Lagna- ॐ Vasudhakara Namah.

Pisces Lagna- ॐ Shubha Nam:.

According to the lagna, by reciting the Goddess Aradhana Mantra for 9 days, all the desires will be fulfilled. You will get relief from physical troubles and mental troubles.

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