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The central government has signed an air bubble agreement for travel to 10 countries like USA and UK.

New Delhi, September 22: The central government has signed an air bubble agreement for travel to 10 countries like the US and the UK. Corona Mahasathi’s international flights were completely shut down. But now there is an air bubble agreement to start flights between these 10 countries and travel between these countries will be easier. Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation Hardeep Singh said this in a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha.

What is Air Bubble Agreement?

India has agreements with some countries for Covid period international air travel. This is called the Air Bubble Agreement. Initially, Indian Airlines flew to the United States and a few other countries, but now the Air Bubble Agreement has been extended to ten countries. These include the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the Maldives and the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Qatar and Bahrain.

The corona virus, which originated in China, has swept the world. All the systems were jammed. Even superpowers like the United States have succumbed to the virus. Many countries had imposed restrictions on travel abroad to prevent the spread of infection. India had also completely shut down international airlines. Vande Mataram campaign was launched for Indians stranded abroad. A few days back, Minister Singh had signaled the launch of the overseas airline. He had said that there would be air bubble agreements with some countries at that time. The agreement has been signed with ten countries.

What are the terms of the Air Bubble Agreement?

This is a temporary agreement. Airlines between the two countries will be allowed under the agreement. Airlines in both countries will be required to comply with the regulations. The airline will continue to operate under the agreement until regular traffic is restored. Tickets for all these flights will be made available to passengers through international ticketing systems and websites.

The Air Bubble mission will be crucial in the wake of the Corona outbreak. Health infrastructure, segregation services and other facilities in the states will be important in such a situation. The Air Bubble deal is important after the Vande Bharat campaign. The governments of the two countries will take care of all the rules, including checking the health of the immigrants and keeping them in segregation. This is considered to be a comforting deal for Indian travelers abroad unless all transport facilities are streamlined with Kovid.

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