Maharashtra has the highest number of deaths due to corona in the country | Globe News Insider

The Union Health Secretary has given a new fatality target to the Maharashtra government to bring the corona under control. Modi government’s health secretary gave warning corona highest death rate districts from Maharashtra central Health Secretary gave new fatality target.

Mumbai, October 06: The number of coronavirus patients in the state (Maharashtra coronavirus) has increased in the last few days. The recovery rate of corona patients in the state means that the recovery rate has reached 80 per cent. While the state government received the reassuring news on Monday, the central government has given shocking information the next day. The Union Health Secretary has expressed concern over the death rate in Maharashtra and warned the state to keep the corona under control.

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan informed about the districts with the highest death rate in the country. Out of the 25 districts with the highest mortality rate, 15 districts are in Maharashtra alone. This means that more than half of the districts with the highest number of deaths in the country are in Maharashtra and this is a very worrying situation.

In view of this situation, the Health Secretary has now given a new target to reduce the death rate to the Government of Maharashtra. The government has now set a target of reducing the death rate in the state to less than 1 per cent. Therefore, this is a new challenge before the government.

In fact, the situation in the state could be even worse than the figures released by the central government. Because India has a lower mortality rate than the rest of the world. But India’s figures are deceptive and experts say the health care system is in shambles. Corona mortality in India was 4 per cent in April. So in August it was 2.15% and now in September it is 1%.

According to experts, many patients are not getting services on time and this is causing a large number of citizens to lose their lives. In many rural areas, experts may not be available to check whether it is caused by Covid. Only 86 per cent of deaths in India have been reported, of which only 22 per cent have been attributed to death, according to some experts.

Therefore, considering the real situation of the country as stated by the experts, the possibility of the death rate in Maharashtra being even more frightening cannot be ruled out.

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